Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please submit an inquiry via the Casa Zorro page at VRBO.

Renter’s FAQ (frequently asked questions about the property)
Regional FAQ (frequently asked questions about Puerto Viejo and Costa Rica)

or RULES, RULES, RULES (there are always rules)

Can I drink the water?
Yes you can. The house has water supplied by the national water company, AyA. To augment pressure, the city water flows into a holding tank behind the shed on the right side of the house. A pressure pump then pumps the water from the tank. There are cases when the holding tank runs dry, especially when the house has many people and they are all taking showers at the same time. Under normal situations, you will hear the pump kick on and off. If you should ever hear the pump running continuously, something is wrong. Seek assistance from the property manager. Should it be necessary, the property is serviced by a shallow well and the water supply can be easily switched from city water to well water. If it is necessary to use the well water, DO NOT DRINK IT. It is safe for showering, although there is an odor to the water. In the event that city water is not available (seasonal), I will provide two large bottles of water at no charge.

Do you provide maid service?
Yes! If your stay at Casa Zorro is a week or more, cleaning service is provided at no additional charge by trustworthy and honest employees of Green Property Management. They come approximately once every 4 or 5 days. If you require more frequent cleaning, or would prefer they not clean during your stay, please contact Green Management. The phone number is in the guest binder.

I see a telephone in the house. Can I use it?
The black cordless telephone can be used for local calls. A local call in Costa Rica encompasses the entire country. For emergencies, Costa Rica utilizes the 911 system, and the number for the local police is written on the wall next to the phone. The telephone is restricted from making or receiving international calls.

Do you have Internet access?
Yes! Casa Zorro provides free wi-fi for guests. You will be provided  the access codes before your arrival. For your protection, please do not take your laptop to the beach, nor leave it unattended on the veranda. You’ll find secure storage for your laptop, camera, passports, etc, in the master bedroom.

What about visitors? Can I invite my new friends that I met in town to the house?
Use your good judgment, keeping in mind that you are renting the house from a proud owner who would not like to see anything stolen or damaged. Most of the locals are good people, but there is no way you can know in advance. Please limit your new friends to daytime hours, and ABSOLUTELY no overnight guests. This is for your protection as well as mine.

What about safety and security? Is it safe to go into town at night?
Please use common sense. Secure the house when you leave by locking all doors, windows, and exterior gates. Even though you have secured the exterior gates, don’t leave valuables or personal items on the front porch when you leave, or at night when you go to bed. There is a lockable cabinet in the master bedroom for storing items such as cameras, passports, traveler’s checks, and other personal items. When going to bed for the night, close and lock the windows in the front part of the house (leaving windows open in the bedrooms that you are using should be okay). The telephone number for the police is written on the wall next to the telephone. In town and on the beach, be aware of your surroundings. At the beach, watch your belongings, and don’t take anything with you that you really don’t need. You may be approached to buy marijuana or other drugs. If you are inclined to do so, that is your decision. But keep in mind that while such transactions are common and simple, possession of drugs in Costa Rica is illegal. If you aren’t inclined, don’t be offended. A simple “no gracias” to the seller is sufficient. Please don’t smoke marijuana inside the house. No problem outside on the veranda.

I don’t like the way the furniture is arranged. Can we move things around?
Certainly. Arrange things the way you like. There are just 3 simple rules about moving the furniture. First, LIFT, don’t slide or drag. Second, LIFT, don’t slide or drag. And finally, Third, LIFT, don’t slide or drag. Can you tell I take some pride in the hardwood floors? It would be nice if you’d replace the items in their original location before leaving.

I’m all sandy from beach. Can I wash off before entering the house?
On the side of the house is a shower. I encourage you to use it when returning from the beach. You can hang wet towels and bathing suits on some racks on the porch. Those racks also serve to block off the two porch entries to help keep your kids on the porch or to keep neighborhood dogs off. I’d appreciate no shoes be worn in the house, but that’s not so much of a “rule” as it is just a request. Most of all, I just want you to be comfortable and enjoy the property.

How many people will the house really sleep?
The master bedroom has a queen bed which can sleep two adults. The second bedroom has a twin bed and a full sized bed. There is a twin bed in the living room that also serves as additional seating space. For those who don’t care where they sleep, there is a large sofa that can sleep one adult, and a smaller sofa that a child can sleep on.

Regional FAQ

What transportation options are available from the San Jose to Puerto Viejo?
There are numerous car rental agencies. My recommendation is Poas Car Rental. If you do not need a car for your entire trip, they will deliver and/or pick up the car in Puerto Viejo (by prior arrangement).

Grayline and Fantasy Tours have minibus service from San Jose to Puerto Viejo for approximately $25 per person, one way.

Finally, public bus service from Transportes Mepe has 4 departures per day from San Jose for a cost of about $10 per person, one way.

For complete and in-depth information about transportation, including bus schedules, shuttle van information, private transportation, and driving, check out the transportation options at Puerto Viejo Satellite.

How’s the surfing in Puerto Viejo?
Puerto Viejo is famous for surfing. Most known for being home to what has been called the heaviest wave in Costa Rica is SALSA BRAVA. Salsa, although fickle, has definitely earned this reputation offering a thick "sauce" breaking over a shallow reef. The wave is very competitive and certainly, for experts only. Salsa Brava is located virtually across the street from Casa Zorro. More intermediate surfers can check out the beach break just 10 minutes walking time, south, at Playa Cocles.

Are the beaches good in the area?
That’s what you came here for! Starting just north of town is the area called Playa Negra. As the name implies, here you will find miles of black sand beach with many areas safe for swimming. Through the town of Puerto Viejo, the beaches are mostly coral, with a few areas good for swimming in the shallow tidal pools. Wear sandals in this area; the coral is really tough on the feet. And as you head south out of town, the beaches turn to white sand and rougher waters. Always be careful when swimming. If you have the opportunity, head even further south toward Manzanillo. There are lots of good beaches, each unique and different. This would include Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva, and Manzanillo.


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